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Qianyun Glassware Co.,Ltd—A reliable,credible and developing glassware factory welcome your enquiry.Sincerely hope we became one of your suppliers.

Our devoted specialty and sufficient experience are assurance of quality.

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As the leading hand made glassware manufacturer in china,Products of Qianyun glassware Co.,Ltd have been entered into 32 countries.Traditional crafts, contemporary designs, processing of details , these are qualities of Qianyun Glassware factory . Our customer include Macys store,Target,Waterford,Mikasa.Honorable clients, if you want to select a reliable manufacturer with high product qualities and timely delivery, please don't hesitate to contact with us and experience our product qualities and services . Products of our company have serviced for many families and consumers in the world and we'll try our best to continuously improve our quality and explore new and creative glassware . Now we create a new service called Order Track. Once you place an order ,you may see the video on line about your products through the order form number in our website . AS a reliable OEM glassware manufacturer,we try our best to supply you satisfying products.About price ,we know you want a ideal price.Because you are selecting glassware factory,our price will cheaper about 30% than other trading company.
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Qianyun Glassware Co.,Ltd-----a leading hand made glassware manufacturer,glassware factory in China.